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Do I Must Buy My Spouse Precious Jewelry?

Do I Must Buy My Spouse Precious Jewelry?

A pal of mine feels it really is wasteful to get precious jewelry for their spouse. She, but, disagrees. Their anniversary that is 30th is up. He is maybe not poor—actually provides a great deal to charities that are many and quite observant. I am attempting to simply tell him that ladies see precious precious jewelry differently than guys do. But he really wants to understand whether or not the Torah demands he offer precious precious precious jewelry for their spouse.

Even though it’s difficult for males to see precious precious jewelry being a feature that is essential of, this is the means numerous, or even most woman conceive of it. Maybe since the very first girl, Eve, started out life with jewelry. This is actually the Midrash on that:1

That G-d is found by us . adorns the bride, because it’s written, “therefore the G-d that is l-rd built. “. Rabbi Yochanan stated, “He built her interpreting the word binyan as b’naeh =with beauty and adorned her with jewels and revealed her to him.”

From the time then, precious precious jewelry has brought an extremely main part in the feminine psyche, as our sages explain, “Jewelry is more precious to a female than all enjoyable things,”2 meaning, guys, a lot more than roast beef.

The truth is reflected in halachah. Each husband according to his financial means (meaning that the struggling office clerk does not have to go broke over that diamond studded choker, but neither can the CEO get away with cubic zirconia) in the Code of Jewish Law ‘s discussion of the rules of rejoicing on our holidays,3 we men are instructed to buy our wives new clothes and jewelry before every festival. Continue reading Do I Must Buy My Spouse Precious Jewelry?