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Salaries and expenses of staying in Ukraine

Salaries and expenses of staying in Ukraine

As a result of rapid modifications in trade prices, the buck value of Ukrainian salaries and expenses of residing changed dramatically in 2013-2015.

Is it possible to live on $50/month in your nation? In Ukraine, you are able to.

(see the report from the trial that is actual. )

Alterations in Ukrainian Salaries (in USD)

The buck value of the average Ukrainian income dropped about two times since mid-2013, as a result of the change price changes: 49-62% with respect to the area.

The hryvnia worth of wages slightly increased during the time that is same.

The map below demonstrates how a typical income changed by the area since June 2013.

  • The income that is average individual during this time period reduced in Ukraine from US $429 to $200, reported
  • Salaries in Kiev will always be the greatest when you look at the national nation: 6900 hryvnia/month ($314) in 2015 when compared with 5238 hryvnia/month ($655) in 2013. Continue reading Salaries and expenses of staying in Ukraine