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Russia’s bride thieves. Simon Shuster

Russia’s bride thieves. Simon Shuster

Simon Shuster

November 07, 2013

For years and years, it’s been typical for males in Russia’s regions that are southern kidnap the lady they wish to marry, a ritual referred to as “bride stealing. ” And despite amounting up to a felony that is major the neighborhood customized continues to be commonly tolerated.

That stress between Russian law and neighborhood tradition had been on display on Russia’s nationwide Unity Day, once the Kremlin-appointed frontrunner for the area of Ingushetia called on their small, mountainous republic “to protect its historic traditions and social values. ” Just What President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov neglected to point out had been exactly just exactly how much difficulty the tradition of bride stealing has triggered their area (or at the very least its ladies) in the last week. 5.

On Oct 26, two prominent family members clans in Ingushetia staged a shootout in broad daylight on the repeated kidnapping of 21-year-old Khagi Yevloeva. Continue reading Russia’s bride thieves. Simon Shuster