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Are Halsey And John Filmmaker Dating?

G-Eazy who?

It seems care Halsey mightiness last be moving on after her breakup from G-Eazypolish hearts.

Abaft her ex-boyfriend was photographed deed informal at a Lakers back with Carolean Lowe, the 23-year-old ace of Modeling Team Halsey was caught toying with another far-famed vocaliser on Instagram.

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On November 6, the 24-year-old vocaliser posted a video of she and John video-chatting roughly 7 a. m. She captioned it, ” Carpool karaoke. ”

And the picture is fair the tip of the social media berg that has everybody wondering if John Filmmaker and Halsey are dating.

Can 41, has been commenting a lot lately on Halsey’s Instagram photos. Near late the jokester replied to a picture of her promoting a lipstick by handwriting ” It’s expression my billing destination doesn’t cope with with the one on my mention card? I’ve never had this job early ”

” Can you text me? ”

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And this wasn’t the kickoff age he’s made a move. Backbone in The middle of summer — when Halsey was still dating G-Eazy — she posted a picture viewing off her ableness to tie a cherry-red base with her language

Can commented thereon expression he could ” micturate a Snickers rod look ”