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Senior Slump? Snap Out of It! We understand you have got worked very hard within the last few years

Senior Slump? Snap Out of It! We understand you have got worked very hard within the last few years taking most of those challenging courses, getting associated with numerous extracurriculars, taking on leadership positions, etc. And, you are certainly working quite difficult now on your college applications. You may possibly feel very tempted to put down your college work in support of other, more exciting opportunities (senior ditch time, anyone?) But trust us, now could be not the right time to slack off. You have come this far, and you want to ensure that you finish strong. And not on your own peace of mind, you have your own internal motivations though we do hope. Realistically, though, exactly what will probably motivate you most to keep those year that is senior up is just a little something called the Mid-Year Report.

The Mid-Year Report is a very Common form that must be submitted by your therapist after your first semester year that is senior become available. Our workplace takes these grades into account, and expects that the trend in your grades will continue. That means that if you had been earning high grades prior to, there’s absolutely no reason those As shouldn’t be reflected on your Mid-Year Report.

And although we’re in the topic, senioritis is not an excuse to let your second-semester year that is senior slip, either. We are going to be sent a transcript that is final your high school, and will make sure that those grades are intact, too. As al Continue reading Senior Slump? Snap Out of It! We understand you have got worked very hard within the last few years

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Nevada and brand New Jersey are exploring gambling compacts; other states may follow

It could be the biggest alliance since America and Britain made up: Nevada and brand New Jersey the first two US states to legalize and regulate online gaming could be developing a marketing alliance to make a larger Internet gambling audience.

‘we think it’s most likely that in 2014 we’ll see a compact between nj and Nevada,’ said MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren, who says his business and others like it are coming together to figure out how everyone could work to generate an online that is joint gambling between the 2 states. As of now, only Nevada and New Jersey are actively online or planning to go surfing with casino and poker gambling (New Jersey just), therefore it would definitely broaden the player net until more states come on board.

Expanding the Market

Without New Jersey in the mix, some casino operators feel that the potential online player populace for Nevada is simply too tiny.

‘We’ve really been focusing on Nevada’s ability to compact along with other states, create more liquidity,’ stated Murren.

To make it happen, most of the regulatory bodies need to spearhead the union besides, as Nevada State Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett explained in an interview: ‘Nevada is striving doing exactly what it can in regards to compacts. We do not jump in to the fire without having done a lot of careful research and study into the particulars of these agreement Continue reading

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‘So Long, Farewell…’ Me and my colleague, Olivia, at the Discover USC Open home last year

‘So Long, Farewell…’ Me and my colleague <a href="">royal vegas login</a>, Olivia, at the Discover USC Open home last year

It is difficult to believe that after working for nearly 3 years on the admission blog, this is my last post. Reflecting on my time as an admission therapist at USC is bittersweet. I discovered a ton, i have grown professionally, and I was challenged day in and day out. But, more important than what I’ve achieved or added in my own job, I get to maneuver on from this chapter of amazing memories to my life, hilarious stories, and on top of that, some pretty incredible friends.

The silver lining as we like to say in this profession by working in a high school as a college counselor for me is that I’m not leaving the college admission world entirely—I’ll be transitioning to ‘the other side of the desk. I’m excited to continue working together with pupils and families in this capacity and I also feel therefore lucky to have had such a wonderful experience at USC to help guide me continue.

Saying goodbye is never simple, but much like it’s hard to graduate from high school and start your life as an university student, life is really all about the transitions and starting new and exciting chapters. So, that’s how I’m going to view this change—I’m ‘graduating’ from my 4 years in the undergraduate admission office at USC and simply moving to the next chapter of my life. I am leaving USC with amazing memories and going into my next adventure with a open mind. Best of all Continue reading ‘So Long, Farewell…’ Me and my colleague, Olivia, at the Discover USC Open home last year